Preamplificador & DAC HI END Halo by Parasound P6 Color Plata

DAC (Digital Analog Converter)

Stereo 2.1 con salida para subwoofer

Con caja original.

Cantidad de Canales: 2

Instrumentos Compatibles: Tocadiscos, Subwoofer, Stereo

Voltaje: 220 V

Cuenta con conexion USB 


Descripcion de la pagina orignial de Parasound:

Parasound Halo P6 – Preamplificador & DAC Descripcion

-ESS Sabre32 Reference DAC (ES9018K2M)

-Asynchronous USB 2.0 supports PCM up to 384kHz/32-bit

-USB input decodes Native DSD64, DSD128, DSD256 and DoP DSD

-Coax and optical inputs accept PCM up to 192kHz/24-bit

-Analog bass management with high & low pass crossovers

-Home theater bypass input for surround sound integration

-Front panel subwoofer level control

-Dedicated high current headphone amplifier (TI TPA6120)

-Phono input for MM, MC and MI with 100 or 47k load

-Front panel Aux input with automatic +12 dB gain stage

-5 pairs RCA line level Analog inputs

-1 pair XLR balanced Analog input

-Balanced XLR and RCA left and right preamp outputs

-1 balanced XLR and 2 RCA subwoofer outputs

-Bass & treble controls with relay bypass from remote or front panel

-Rear panel IR input and IR loop output jacks

-12 Volt trigger output

-Back-lit remote control with discrete buttons

-0.5w standby power consumption meets Energy Star & EU specs